The 20th Century - The Big Lines

In brief: This is the highlight of the history of the 20th century and this is another "short-view".

The First World War 1914 - 1918

This is one of the bloodiest wars ever been fought in Europe and resulted in substantial changes to the map of Europe.
The First World War started on 28 June 1914 when the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot dead when they visited the Bosnian province capital Sarajevo.

1914: There was an illusion of a brief war.
The trench and position war continued through 1915-16. The war continued at sea and with economic warfare.
In 1917 the United States entered the war.

War lasted until November 1918.

The League of Nations

The League of Nations, founded in 1919 and dissolved in 1946, was "the first worldwide association of states with the purpose to safeguard peace and security and to develop cooperation between peoples".

WWII 1939 - 1945

Holocaust killed about 6 million Jews, about 400,000 Gypsies and 250,000 disabled people and gays. If one is counting with all minorities, assuming that 11.9 million people were killed.
The systematic extermination took place mainly in the extermination camps in occupied Poland.

The UN was established in 1945.

The Cold War 1945-1991.

The Cold War is a term for the state of tension that arose between the US and the USSR, and later between east and west, after WWII. There was never any military confrontation between the superpowers. The Cold War was marked by the construction of military alliances, armament, threats of war and ideological contradictions.

Inspiring People.

10 Inspiring People From The 20th Century

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