Background information

The initial plan making these pages was letting "Google Translate" do the translate unsencored, however, that would have made these pages (even more) full of non sense than they are.
Imagine that, you.
OK, even if you don't believe it, the Googling translates are to som degree tried to improve. Or something!

Background information

As mentioned another place, these web pages are based on "a book". The original title is "Overlevelse i alderdommen - håndbok for grinete gamle gubber" (Survival in old age - a handbook for grumpy old men).

The pages are made for men with more past than time ahead and preferrable men without any sense of humor. Meaning if you have lived thru the four decates described here, then you are at least approaching 60 years of age. Probably you have done some experiences in life, or perhaps not. Yada, yada.

So, if you are not out driving your rollator i thrust to explore the Web - or preferably this web site - is the most meaningful thing you have to do. Hopefully you still have a few years left "surfing around" until you start playing the harp, singing in the choir - or what you plan to do when you have taken the last "exhalation".

... to emerge as "grumpy old men".

Are you ready to mess with your surroundings fulltime? Moreover, you can read a little about the main years and adolescence, tried braided into a historical context. I have tried to formulate some thoughts about how you and I can use the lessons and experience to emerge as some "grumpy old men".

As you see the main references here are from areas around Oslo, Norway. However, I bellieve you may recognize some of my events from your adolecense as well.

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