These web pages are based on a text to my friends - who have washed away one or two defective brain cells together - and it has probably content of the text here taken seriously damage from - presumably.
This text is subjective. I have tried to pull in episodes that are recognizable in addition to link the text up to historical events which may have meant something, or maybe not? Anyway, you surely miss some, but so be it. You can make some notes for yourself if you want.
This text is intended to be a tribute to the six (young people, now in a dented bodywork) of my friends - including me - who still meet annually, to all who in younger years frequented this group, and to the wives who year after year sends us out on today more old boys trip - or at least more ancient than we used to be just a few years ago.
In the whole, we have not set any great mark after us in history, but at least we take care of the footprints we have put in a few small patches of snow here and there. Let this be a "cooling unit" so these footprints does not melt when the spring sun comes.
We have done a lot of stupid during childhood and adolescence. Mainly not mentioned here because they would be impossible to translate(?). These secrets (if not mentioned) will remain in the group and be buried together with us.

Mostly, I have not bothered to cite sources. I take credit for this myself. Now, towards the end, I see that I have included a few references, I have shown that I have done it. The rest, I have the great pleasure pinched to me on the "Internet" or stolen elsewhere. There is then no need to share the credit for this with someone I do not know. (Have you lived through this you know what I mean. If not, ask your mother).

Otherwise I have to some extent tried to relate to the publication "in Norwegian Agency" - Statistics Norway 1978: A neutral text must contain the fewest possible plus and minuswords. But we should be aware that the logical pluswords to some people may be minuswords to others. Words capitalist, communist, democracy, wage can be perceived positively or negatively, depending on the beliefs and attitudes of those who use or hear such words.
The question of whether personal or non personal reviews are strictly speaking non of linguistic art, but it relates to the disposition of a subject, and it will therefore have implications for how we use the language .... The text ... must be continuous. By this we mean that it has to be natural transitions between sentences, and from one paragraph to the next.
Just so you know.

Well, that was valid for "the book" mentioned another place (and still not the Bible, the Quran or the boy scout book). The web pages will live according to other rules, which probably will change over time.

Something about the pictures

Because a lot of the pictures around these web pages are found around at the Internet it is not so easy to give credit to the photographers. I have tried to some degree, but understand that this probably is impossible to complete.


If you have found your pictures here without your name mentioned, take contact so it can be done right.
I have, to the best of my knowledge used pictures from the internet without copyright and restrictions.

Should you, by chance, have pictures that better illustrate topics on any page, then feel free to send me picture and a brief text.
This regards also for Items, stories etc. from the period 1960-2000.

Pictures on this web area is as far as possible from mentioned peroid. For links to other sites I have not cared much about this. In links you will find sense, non sense, and other views. It is ment to be a mixture of meaning and meaninglessness (entertaniment).

On the Internet, double v double v double v dot oslobilder dot com slash you can look up pictures from Oslo or oslo pictures or olsobilder as it says in the address. (Or, click here now then so). Many pictuers from Oslo are found and taken from here. Here you can find pictures from Oslo too. Just read back and click on the blue (or cyan) colored text you just read.

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If you - old man - surf the internet, watch the telly and drink beer and smoke from early morning to late night... Well then you surf the internet, watch the telly and drink beer and smoke from early morning to late night. That's up to you.

However, when surfing the Internet: You might spred the roumor about these pages. (Use a SMS)

Why the "The Vorhagen"?

If you know me very, very well then you understand "the word game".
If you do not know me so well, so you can understand it if you possess (at least) two of the following three:

  • You know me.
  • You are a gifted person and good to resonate.
  • You have a high IQ.

A hint might be that the initial plan was to call the page for the "REIN VORHAGEN HISTORIC VIEWS 1960-2000".
And if you know the answer; do not take any actions.

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