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This small and exclusive collection of former boys, now more men emerging aging, meets annually. Eating, drinking and lying, and perform seriously meaningless activities. Or, actually it is exactly what we do not do. Future issues approaching agenda is assumed to be: Mass, consistency, water pressure, the price of bananas, Viagra, problems at the doctor ... if not the genetic research puts an end to these discussions then.
The group has a tacit and honorable duty to silence about what is discussed and adopted. If it takes place anything that really should be withheld from the public it will be remain in the group. This sounds much more important than, "We have it very enjoyable. Don't remember anything. "Our rituals and ceremonies are performed only where the group gathered in "closed company".


The timing of these annual gatherings have varied over the years. It started a Friday, roughly in 1978, when beer transporting cars once again had the text "Now it's Christmas again" on the tailgate of the truck. Christmas beer had reached shops and restaurants. Mr. L and Mr. R (me "the master of this web) agreed in a telephone conversation to meet in town and have lunch and taste the years Christmas beer. Because this happened during working hours fell a natural choice at "Cordial". A bulge near Ankertorget where we hardly came to meet any colleagues - or other known, for that matter. When working time was over, the journey went on to the next bulge, "Schou Hall" at the bottom of Markveien and Thorvald Meyer Street. In other words Schous square. It became late that night. I had automatic out-stamping clock four, while Mr. L got some overtime hours because we could stamp him out when we passed his workplace on the road across Lilletorget at Grønland.

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... an arduous afternoon...

Most likely this was an arduous afternoon and evening, but a success that absolutely had to be repeated. The following year "Christmas beer season" started at "The Round Barrel" in Pløens street. The tradition was born. Many friends have visited this annual gathering, but it is, as mentioned, only main characters mentioned on this web site who have participated "at the entire journey." Sure enough time gradually shifted to late February to March, and now pushed it a bit back in February again. But much beer has been drunk, eventually much wine and spirits too, and a hard core of six still keeps on.

Having frequented some of Oslo bulges, enjoyed some trips with Danish ship "Holger Danske" - a proper up bowl, "Holder Perhaps" (holder kanskje) - an expedition with "Stena Line" and hotels in various cities and places in southern and eastern Norway, I mention galore: Hamar, Tønsberg, Skien, Porsgrunn, Larvik, Sandefjord, Mr. L's cottage near Fredrikstad, Vrådal and Øyfjell we ended up at the cabin to Mr. N at Grønhovd between Nesbyen and Tunhovd. We were there for the eleventh time in 2015.

The difference from the first collections is that there has been more talk, more food, stable alcohol intake and earlier evening. Those who will show how vigorous they are go skiing and those who do not need it, just abstain.

Anyway, we keep ourselves mentally young. Especially in his own head. And when we have extra surplus, the sun rises in the west and the sun rises in the west we still welcome a little extra to keep us a little mentally in other's heads too. This will probably never be specially illuminated later. We'll be delighted that we keep ourselves mentally young in our own head. What others do, we are not thinking too much about.

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