Something about Mr. K - and perhaps Mr. N

Ain't she sweet? See her walking down that street.
Yes, I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?
Ain't she nice? Look her over once or twice.
Yes, I ask you very confidentially, ain't she nice?

Remember this, Mr. K?

In a late night hour, it could well happen that "Mr. K" settled loose with Milton Ager's melody and Jack Yellen's text from 1927.
(The classic "Ain't She Sweet" was also recorded by The Beatles with John Lennon as lead singer and Pete Best as drummer in June 1961, and Tomas Drefvelin has written a Norwegian text titled "She's sweating" (Hun er svett) issued on the CD "the other day in the lagoon" (Her om dagen i Lagunen) by Rex Rudi in 1999. There is much research on this for those who want).

Mr. K had an an Opel Rekord. It was hardly better than the cars the other of us traveled around in, but one winter day when we were going out on tour stopped the heater in the Opel working. With full car where all passengers scraped ice off the windows inside, this was just "rubbed in" from those who sat in the an Amazon "sweating" where they sat in just T-shirt. To "rub it in" was something these guys did as often as possible.
- And that was it. Yes, often the possibility to do.

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It has been tricky to find something "compromising" about Mr. K...

It was Mr. N who first became familiar with Mr. K. At high school. It has been tricky to find something "compromising" about Mr. K, but a rumor has told the following story:
And this authorship never goes far in protecting their sources ...

Now: Mr. N and Mr. K was on tour in Hallingdal. This was in itself nothing unusual, but on this trip ended the two young men, for unknown reasons, on Ål.
And "that's not all"! (Pronunciation of Ål is same as all). Ål But, however, something some unusual.

At Ål they came in talking with two young people of the opposite sex og themself. These - of the opposite sex - was persuaded to join at "Ellingsbråtan" - that is, join to Nes. This in itself was also rather unusual and even worth to describe itself, but this is not the point.

But the two "little girls" just had to go home to ...
Yes, retrieve, fix, arrange and so on. Notify of where they was going to go, for example.

The two young heroes stood by the car and waited when the earth began to tremble. Heaven became black. The birds fell silent. A huge figure came towards them and only grew in size and volume.

The mother

Jotuns, trolls and Dovregubben became pygmies compared to this mountain that came thundering downwards from the house and against the two hopefuls at the car.

The young Mr. K rescued quickly into the car. Locked all the doors carefully, but slipped as little as possible on the window so that it could be performed a kind of conversation with "rock" through the window interstice.

"I must see what kind of people I send the girls with" the mother said to the pale frightened youth in the car. And the boys must have done a pretty good impression because the girls were allowed to join to Nes. So says at least the rumor.

The rumor says nothing about how Mr. N behaved during this "threat". Perhaps there is a source that can say something about this at a later stage?

Who knows? Anyone looking around on the web pages might see...

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