Mr L & Mr R - Here comes the Boy's Music Corps

Grorud skoles Guttemusikkorps

One autumn day, or maybe it was a day in spring, on a collaborative exercise in the boy's music corps it was anyway, and I sat there in the "niner" (classroom number 9) in Grorud school and honked in the baritone horn - roughly with the skills that one could expect when exercise time at home could be measured in minutes or barely that, and the hate to this funnel-shaped long, curly three valve glance pipe that on weekly basis had to be towed between Grorud and Ammerud hardly could reach deeper in a tender child's mind was Young L and accompanying chair , consisting of plywood and steel, escorted into the space beside.
"Young-L shall begin in the interplay. You get to take care of him". (This was - as you surely understand - before Mr.L became Mr. L.)
In practice it would - from how I had seen others solve this task - mean to point and show on the note sheet where we at any given time found ourselves.
With the hatred of the baritone, lack of interest in either practicing or otherwise blow the horn, this required more coordination than was good for a young body. Here were to be explained, pointed, watch conductor, see what was happening in the other ranks, and not least to blow some yourself - and preferably over ability, or at least better than inherent skills, to prove that one was a "qualified pointer." Presumably, this did not go particularly good, but inherently secure sense of place probably made that we both knew all the time that we were in the "niner."


The hell with the baritone continued for many years, but one day came the revelation. The conductor wanted Trombones corps. Young L, the undersigned and Young Rolf (a foreign in relation to this story) were asked if we would play "slide trombone".
Trombone became it. This was something else than blow the baritone. We blew rawly and enjoyed probably the "new life."
"Bottle"! - Command or request referred to a small bottle of H2O that kept the slide in trim. (Later, and in other occasions the meaning became something else).

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.. even if one is the youngest one is absolutely "in the picture".

The career went naturally to Youth Corps (Grorud Ungdomskorps) or GUK which we also said (here inserted (that in Norwegian language) some parents with slow hearing could not believe that we said something else).
Either one of the important lessons - or experiences - one gets to know in a Youth Corps is alcohol hole and its impact on a young body, corps tours that are a little different than in a school band, and even if one is the youngest one is absolutely "in the picture".

Gradually it became drivers license, car and whatever may follow after this. When driving to and from playings we sat either with the uniform-hats on the head or they were laid clearly visible in the vehicle rear window. Amazing how other road users had respect for a corps hat. Potential past riders let themselves neatly behind and we could enjoy life in front of the queue.

The car gave many opportunities. Once we "persecuted" a police car which gradually increased his speed. We were hanging by down Trondhjemsveien. When rate reached Up till 130 km / h came blue light on. We assumed that this was a sign that we were not given in on the action anymore and let the police get run off somewhere alone. Another time we passed a police control nearly 17 times to be stopped and get the confirmation that the car was in good technical condition.

Creativity is something all the gentlemen described in this text are in possession of. As an asideone can wonder why we have not invented gunpowder, but it is possibly because someone has done it before.
We made wine and we brewed beer. Winemaking were often drinkable. In any case, if one shrouded in the substance for reasons other than taste experience. Brewing was worse. The brew was strongly, no doubt, but it became rarely or never something one found worthy to drink. Once we found out that the strong beer would then be distilled. With Gunvors pressure cooker, connected plastic tube coiled in a very primitive cooling means slides we started on the task. Nothing happened. It did not come out a drop, either alcohol or otherwise. In the impatience name loosened I on the lid of the pressure cooker. This leap through the roof, and it also did Reidar who up until then chuckling had witnessed our experiment.

This uncontrolled blowout was probably the best thing that could have happened. It was only to ascertain that gas under pressure which can not be released are dangerous matters. Remember the next time you release a ....

Interest in the evaporation of liquid at temperature around 72 ° C and subsequent cooling of this steam continued and it became a - at least - better result with an open system. (See if this described elsewhere).

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