Mr. N and Mr. R - Western Crusaders in tones and sound

Mr. N and Mr. R met through music. First time in conjunction with the octet "lumbago band" I think, or maybe it was in connection with a santa orchestra. In that case, maybe it was in the proximity of Christmas time, because that was the time we usually played in santa orchestras.

Also here Mr. R is me, the web master (or master of web). Same as other places I will refer to myself as "I" or "me".
So, among highlight of the events in our desire to explore was trips to Nesbyen and surrounding villages in southern, "Major Classical Western Tour" in 1978. "Turing" otherwise at home and abroad. Not least shopping spree to Poland to buy accordion and music stands. In unconscious preparation for this was "assorted localities" in Oslo permanent training areas.

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"The great classic western trip" started from Nordtvet ...


"The great classic western trip" started from Nordtvet a sunny summer day. Mr. R's Amazon was loaded with the most necessary for a strenuous Vestlandstur. Mr. N had been in Germany with the Garde music corps, belonging to his majesty the king, and the liter of 96% from this tour was an important part of the baggage. We chosed a primitive line, in accordance with our inherent stinginess, and should not spend money on campgrounds, and far from any other form of paid accommodation.
Our "Expedition" went amongst orther through some of Sharon Dal in Kvinesdal, but as Mr. N said: "Sharon is not home so let's move on." We did so, and already in Egersund we experienced that it is important with the the right connections. When we stopped at a farm, knocked and asked if we could put up a tent on the field I sensed that we probably were not wanted there. The man was not at home, her daughter was in Sharon Dal with his family - and as most people are familiar with: The women on the dark South Western Norway does not take such big decisions when the man in the house is not home.
"We're just arriving from Sharon Dal, we," said Mr. N, and as in the adventure the gates were opened. We should not put up the tent in the field, but were guided to an idyll down by the river where the Initiates friends' the Saviour faith "camped when they were visiting.
cowboy The tour went on. A place further up the west coast, we found a huge horse. Mr. N would ride on it. We had the cowboy hats, so that was completely natural. He got the nag placed beside a large rock to climb up. But every time Mr. N climbed the stone and should straddle the horseback the nag trotted away. And there stopped a large horseman career.

At Nesbyen we were frequently. Whether it was Hallingmarken, to take a party at Pers Hotel or just to let our hair down (or should I say off?).
"Eiler" and "Aster" had strong confidence in their sons. - and not least of all "us monkeys" that was brought up to "Ellingsbråtan".

What made Mr. N and I found this friendship?
I think we both had an inherent economic thrift and bad humor. We went on the western trip aiming to spend our money wisely. This meant that time, not to spend money on campgrounds, entrance fees or other excessive luxury. The money would be used on beer!
This was a solid strategy in many contexts. One winter day when we were at Pers Hotel in Gol found Mr. N that we should find a backdoor and sneak in. We trudged around the hotel in the "summer shoes" in wet snow that reached almost to the crotch in a half hour time. We found no backdoor and we found none that would let us in via the hotel room. It ended with that we had to pay to get in, soaking wet from the crotch and down.

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