We who mainly is referred to, where we are referred to in this text, ie where the text does not refer to anything other than us, became to know each other during a period from ten or twelve up to seventeen to eighteen years of age. We have a common past as neighbors, brass players, training buddies, schoolmates, "rabagaster", band musicians and explorers of outlife, nightlife, research on stupiditie's effects on the body and mind, and on life in general. It approaches thus that some of us have known each other for half a century, and the amazing thing is that we have managed to keep in touch during all these years.

The "Team" ("Laget" in teacher team house, or "Teach Inn." Here started the nightlife career. At least after we started to dare ourselves from the suburb and down to the Oslo capital's center. Here we pushed specimens of the opposite sex around the dance floor in more or less successful checking attempt. The "body machinery" was still going on beer.

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... simple music and simple people

A natural development from the "team" was the advancement to "The Bank" ("Banken")in Industrigata 36, near Majorstua. Here, the style was somewhat the same as at the "team", but the clientele was as we used to be - but a few years older. Live music - or as we later termed it "simple music and simple people." In other words music that we more or less could "shamble around" in pace to.


Unlike how today nightlife works we met faithfully as soon the doors opened, found "the regular table" in the corner to the left of the stage and pulled lark with "freshly roasted" quality goods that were mixed into coffee. The body went no further on beer alone.
We were "busted" sometimes, but it was probably to signify that the establishment knew what we were doing and mixed in the coffee cups under the table edge. Regular as we were, and murmur of coffee? We were probably simple to disclose. Yet as regulars we met all kinds of benevolence - and we always got the empty bottles back so we had something to have booze on next weekend. Photo: Julius Schorzman

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