Where one stops being a man in his darkest medieval age and the transition to being a grumpy old man begins I should not have said anything substantial about. However, a sign may be that one begins to lie about his age. If you have not started doing so yet, then start immediately. I suggest that if anyone asks just answer with adding on an eight to ten years on your current age. This certainly has its advantages. Every free range human being understands that it's much nicer to hear someone talking behind your back; "Imagine being so vigorous at that age" rather than "he cannot be very healthy as old he looks."

A clear sign is that you in a greater degree than previously feel being pushed on with young and enthusiastic people who have more to brag about in social media and reviews on Facebook, twitter, "hash tags" and such with greater naturalness than yourself are able to think about your snow-deep winter depressions. No, you should heck not look far to find something to annoy yourself about!

One may be upset about that even politicians are tweeting, twittering and express themselves on the internet in a greater speed than migratory birds sitting on wires in the final preparations for the annual southern trip. Shouldn’t they be at work? (The politicians, I mean) Has any one ever seen a complete government House?? And migratory birds, why do they sit still on the wires freezing their legs?

Tweet they do and they are throwing out money for one meaningless project after another. But building the country? No, they stopped doing this long ago. If anyone gets an idea to build something then it should be studied up, down, over and over. Any television debate adheres to the theme in nearly three minutes. The next three minutes goes to assigning blame before a gradual escape from bragging of their alternative budget ends in a chaos of guesswork and anarchy. The value of the action seems to be eaten up by inflation or Ebola or something. All grumpy old men know that there actually will be no trench before starting to dig!!!

As a grumpy old man one is allowed to express oneself about the most. NEGATIVE. If the qualifications required to become an elected politician is an unfinished study in social science subjects, scattered beard, in addition to the ability to enter a podium with body language that suggests strongly developed eczema under the arms and highly advanced mumps bottom. Well, then - then one must immediately provide the research funding to combat mumps, and eczema, as well as to increase beard on politicians !! (Preferably male then). The universities must immediately stop offering unfinished studies.

You attend of course not openly among those who appear to be miserable and negative, but it is important to use the right to wrap some small utterances into scantily dressed concerns.

It was more tracks on the cases in the past. Certainly they smoked on television broadcasts, but that was in black / white, and they spoke at least one at the time sometimes and talked to each other in a polite "You-form". Then they discounted an occasional committee which worked so well that they still have not got any noteworthy conclusions on their mandate. Alternatively, the conclusion became so clear that one appointed new committees to contribute to a better fogging. Fog planning we can and a good fogging can as we know move airports.

Research shows that we don’t tolerate as much alcohol as we think we do. This I have experienced many times without being published as a research result. Grumpy Old Men are not partying, but they claims the right to participate in uncontrolled field studies in the name of the research. How much do you drink before you stop talking nonsense and incoherent?

The humor was better in the past.
"Do you know where girls have the curliest hair?", a table talk could end. The silence became painful, until the answer "in Africa" ensured a liberating laughter. That was obviously, whatever you really had intended. If today's comedians asked the same question I am afraid that the answer would be considerably closer than Africa, and probably exact where we thought as we sat in our embarrassment.

Today, is the case that, one should learn most of whatever to learn in the school. In the early years, as I started in a new job, I got a month "overlap" with my predecessor before I had to stand alone. He graciously came by the office for a few minutes one of the last days before his retirement. (Heaven knows where he had been hiding before this). He then preached the following lesson: "You must always remember that there is a difference between an old pig - and a nice old pig." This was plenty of information to cope with the challenges of working life.

Furthermore, around these web pages you will find advice and tips on how best to emerge as a grumpy old man. If you are a real grouch you will hardly listen to them, but those who have not reached this state will certainly be able to pick up a lot of good lessons here.

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