Coping - You Can do This

"Assholes" will be remembered longer than "jovial grandfathers".

Are you going to stand out as a credible "cranky old man" you must convince. The starting point must be that your "You can everything." "Butter well on" and stretch truth and logic. Use statements that exceed everyone's expectations. You are usually unsupported so use arguments which are difficult to control and thus are difficult to argue. You know best. Use of overrun tactics will always be most effective , rather than "humble and friendly" communication.

Use your achievements for what they are worth. With time it will be difficult to prove whether they are true or not. No one expects you to prove achievements made ??in the last millennium. Nor is it your responsibility to prove your performances.

Meet people you can argue regularly. This means that you can emerge as a champion without anyone understanding that you really are a braggart. If they understand, it doesn't matter at all for that matter. When you start the argument series, you will find that regular monologue with your opponent will make him a "common sense". Your aim is that "the common sense" begins to believe in you and support you in your arguments, solutions and goals. Do not hold back. You know what you have done. As I said above, stretch the facts, data and truth in your statements.

Hang out with the "cool oldies". Who is considered to have the most acidic comments? Be recognized by being seen with "notorious grouchies" the "top performers" in terms of coming up with "acidic statements" and retired people who "are somewhat" or at least "was something." In other words: The old "acid-asses".

Do not let fear or "negativities" stop you from making small talk about something or someone negative and disrespectful in the waiting room at NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) or in other social contexts. Yada, yada. Social gatherings will probably mostly be burials in the future , but use every arena to build relationships. Now we are not talking about long term relationships anymore. Only relationships. Therefore DO NOT save your sour comment until next time.

But it is still possible to become a familiar face. And remember that "assholes" are remembered longer than "jovial grandfathers."

It is you who know "where David bought the beer".

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