Old Pigs - Different kind of

So I am sitting here in the breeze
watching women and clothes - with my eyes in a squeeze
but nobody understands how wildly
I'm viewing them separately

There is a difference between an "old pig" and a "fine old pig".

I take for granted that you know that brown, blue or light gray suit to an evening company is not correct when the invitation says dark suit. The finer the company, the darker suit. Traditionally you should use black shoes after six o'clock, and the shoes can be smooth or have a discreet pattern. The socks should be of same color as the suit. The shirt should always be white. Coloured and patterned shirts are everyday garments, even though in some degree it is acceptable to the dark suits in evening corporate life. At funerals we set course with a black tie. When a relative or very good friend is the one located in the "box" can we have a white tie.

No, this basic knowledge is not enough! It requires extreme conversational skills, flawlessly BBC accent (or in Norwegian: "perfekt riksmål"), a well-polished knowledge of etiquette and unsurpassed customization capabilities.

To conclude, once: There are none of the six mentioned herein that qualifies to be referred to as "a fine old pig." Kjell, "mr K" is as far as I can judge, the one closest yet oceans from being able to adorn himselves with this designation.

What "pigpen" you belong to may perhaps come up as this Word Vault sinks in, and maybe the final conclusion is somewhat different than you imagined. You can only keep the results for yourself. There is hardly anyone who have interest in anyway, so is that said.

It's too late to do something about that now. Here everything possible has gone wrong, and it has failed in heritage, environment, exterior, interior, upper and lower impact, and possibly also the beliefs might have affected negativly.

Can we then fall into a another category? - The immediate answer seems to be "No".

However, does then none of us have "status rewarding place in the bin"? Which category do we belong to? - No, I do not think we should invoke some "symbols of status description". According to all sun marks, moon light phases and wind directions we must be considered as casteless. Other words outside category.

Now, we will probably be smelling old pigs gradually, but it probably goes for the same.

Our age is now revealed increasingly of sweet smell, and that is because when the testosterone level in the body decreases, also the distinctive and masculine "musk smell" in the skin decreases. Instead you get skin with a more sweetish odor, influenced by estrogen hormones. The older we get, the sweeter smell. This process is already ongoing and it has maintained from approx 40 years of age.
Yes Now it goes slowly but surely downwards with both male hormones, physics and otherwise the most.

The aging process for men is such that the testosterone level decreases, while the female hormones increases. For women it is the opposite. This explains why old men get hanging tits, while old ladies get beard growth.

The body odor can also depend on our body hygiene and clothing hygiene, oral hygiene and possibly incontinence. So think about whether this can help to put the finishing touch in your existence as a grumpy old man.

Another problem you are likely to experience are "aging warts" or "old man warts" as it is also called. The medical name is "seborrheic keratosis" (SK) - and is a fairly common and completely harmless skin condition that can occur in the 40-50 year's of age.

It is not unusual that age warts makes you worry about skin cancer. No need to worry. Age Warts are harmless and may never develop into skin cancer. Just make sure you get them examined by a doctor. They are easy to diagnose and has an uneven and somewhat crusty surface. You just keep quiet about this, and use it for it's worth.

If you want to remove your "SK's", the treatment of age warts is only done for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. You must therefore be prepared to pay the fun out of pocket.

Yes, yes. "A smelling old pig" or "A smelly old pig." You only choose. This you can get used to, but can your surroundings?

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