Strategies to avoid Mediocrity

You will not be noticed if you "cross the street in a crowd".

Now, what is the secret to emerge as a grumpy old man?
To succeed in this without being a natural talent at the area you need basic knowledge, indifference to others than yourself and yours, and not least, always have an acidic or negative comment in stock. For most of us this will require restructuring.

Therefore spend much time with planning strategies that can sweep away any fair and unfair argument so you can go victorious out of any discussion with the use of negative argumentation. Remember that in the coming years , as a retiree, you will get better and better time to practice this. Universal and preconceived opinions and absurdities can be adapt into and sabotage the most (if not all) discussions.

Do not listen for what's opponents argue before you make up your mind. If you have a hearing aid then turn it off. Go energetic in with your pre ingested, and rehearsed opinions. If the surroundings do not have expressed an opinion, fire away and don't hesitate with any use of extremities. You will not be noticed if you "cross the street in a crowd". Argue on "full mast".

Be stingy with praise or positive feedback to others. You should definitely keep the honor and acknowledgment to yourself as far as possible. - And that is mainly what it is. Do not worry. What you get of irritated feedback today will hardly be more than a footnote at the bottom of the cerebellum of the people around you when the day is over. Unfortunately.

Be defensive about your own mistakes. There are in fact non. And avoid admitting anything in weak moments. Remember that people have kept silent before you. Even through torture. Concessions are worse than a mortal sin. Faults and guilt you should allocate to the environment. If you do not have a weak soul whom can can bully. If so, take him or her systematic and everytime. Always look for someone else to blame. Blame them behind their back as well if it is natural. Do not worry if they find out about it. The world is full of gossip and slanders and you have a duty to contribute, right? You are just conveying your opinion.

Stay tuned. If your preconceived opinions fall in line with what everyone else thinks, yes, then you're about to become a "gray mouse". Grumpy Old Men are not gray mouses! Always have a plan B.

Are you dissatisfied in your surroundings? Does not matter. Complain about it whenever you meet others. Disgruntlement makes the complaint more genuine and justified. Complain for that matter in the environment you are at all time. And if you suddenly feel that a well-being comes upon you ... Just complain of how miserable you were yesterday.

Be diligently dismissive to new ideas from friends, acquaintances and others. If no one has thought of it already then it can only mean that it will not work. Proclaim loudly that "this goes to hell." And when it does, yes, then you may with even louder voice proclaim: "What did I say"!

In other words. Kill new ideas. Substantive or unreasonable, the most is tried before without success. And is it unproven it lacks experience. New ideas do not work ..... until they do. And it will mean that you have the ability to camouflage your negative views on the matter in duly considered packaging. The original concept of the idea departs with a rapid death. With a clearly negative argument, any idea will be killed well before it gets the chance to grow into success.

Another strategy might be as follows: Support the ideas originator even if his or her thoughts are immature and hardly feasible. Get him or her to do things you would never allow others to do. I mean, lids the person (s) far out on thin ice, and when the person (s) can no longer swim ashore, so leave the ice to burst. You are now making a turnaround in your argument and let him or her sink to the bottom (for now). Preferably with a slightly derisive remark to finally kill the urge to come up with more suggestions.

You must however give people recognition when the audience are about to leave your company. You are, after all, dependent on a certain audience. This will keep the company together in the short term and ensure that your company feels good again. But only for a short while, right?

Hanging out preferably with people who are just like you. It may be easier in this way. No surprises, no messy various perspectives, multiple interests in common to talk about. Just be aware that this may be boring, but you do already know how to solve it.

Just remember that everyone outside your sphere are untalented. And their lack of talent varies according to their various "areas of knowledge."

Sometimes we have to "go for it" and take a "real risk". There may be situations where you need to play "not to lose", perhaps because of family obligations or other bands you are obliged to take care of. However, you should avoid too many of these if you are going to fill your role as a cranky old man with credibility. Suddenly you coming with u non contemplated and constructive ideas. Then any good advice is expensive. Go immediately to the troubleshooting guide. Before you have fulfilled the thought then you are suddenly in the role of a kind and cozy grandfather.

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