Living & Growing

Sayings and adolescence

Have you heard mentioned someone who is tired as a stocking? Or tired as a float in the most recent?
Our saying is about to die out. There is nobody jumping after Wirkola anymore. No taking two inside turns and away with him (to indre og vekk me’n) either. Today's youth do not even know who Wirkola was. Or "Kupper'n for that matter." When did you last hear about someone who was angry that a Turk? No, today now most of us have...

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Life & Living

Survival Against All Odds

We have - contrary to what research, bureaucratic legislators and other experts could have predicted - survived "our times" ignorance, thoughtlessness and folly. This has not hurt us more than we freely can use any of our infirmities and mental injuries to afflict future generations.

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We Vere More Poor Than Today

Oh yes, we had food on the table, and usually more than that. We even had dessert. Now, the dishes were smaller and we did not have steak on Thursdays. Not on any other days either for that matter. Steak was something we found out about when we got up in adolescence.

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We who mainly is referred to, where we are referred to in this text, ie where the text does not refer to anything other than us, became to know each other during a period from ten or twelve up to seventeen to eighteen years of age. We have a common past as neighbors, brass players, training buddies, schoolmates, "rabagaster", band musicians and explorers of outlife, nightlife, research on stupiditie's effects on the body and mind, and on life in general. It approaches thus that some of us have known each other for half a century, and the amazing thing is that we have managed to keep in touch during all these years.

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A Tribute to my Old Friends

A troika from Ammerudsletta

Mr. J, Mr. R and I grew up up in the same housing cooperative. Ammerudsletta Cooperative A/L. We all moved in when the cooperative was brand new. Around nineteen sixty, as the blocks were finished.
As you see we are two Mr. R's. Because I am the one (or the other) Mr. R, and I am the one writing, I will refer to myself as "I" or "me". This is to avoid any confusion.

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Western Crusaders in tones and sound

Mr. N and Mr. R met through music. First time in conjunction with the octet "lumbago band" I think, or maybe it was in connection with a santa orchestra. In that case, maybe it was in the proximity of Christmas time, because that was the time we usually played in santa orchestras.
Also here Mr. R is me, the web master (or master of web). Same as other places I will refer to myself as "I" or "me".

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Here comes the Boy's Music Corps

One autumn day, or maybe it was a day in spring, on a collaborative exercise in the boy's music corps it was anyway, and I sat there in the "niner" (classroom number 9) in Grorud school and honked in the baritone horn - roughly with the skills that one could expect when exercise time at home could be measured in minutes or barely that, and the hate to this funnel-shaped long, curly three valve glance pipe...

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Something about Mr. K - and perhaps Mr. N

In a late night hour, it could well happen that "Mr. K" settled loose with Milton Ager's melody and Jack Yellen's text from 1927.
(The classic "Ain't She Sweet" was also recorded by The Beatles with John Lennon as lead singer and Pete Best as drummer in June 1961, and Tomas Drefvelin has written a Norwegian text titled "She's sweating" issued on the CD "the other day in the lagoon" by Rex Rudi in 1999.

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