Sayings and adolescence

Sayings and adolescence

Have you heard mentioned someone who is tired as a stocking? Or tired as a float in the most recent?

Our saying is about to die out. There is nobody jumping after Wirkola anymore. No taking two inside turns and away with him (to indre og vekk me’n) either. Today's youth do not even know who Wirkola was. Or "Kupper'n for that matter." When did you last hear about someone who was angry that a Turk? No, today now most of us have such good teeth so they don't "take out Loose dentures and go out and fight" (legg i frå seg gebbisset og går ut og sløss) either. What can you say about the experience if you have not been in the dental chair and drilled out 8 to 10 dental fillings without anesthesia? - Not a damn thing, if you ask me.

When did you ask someone to go out and buckle the mare last? Now is not even engine performance measured in Gamper.
- Or horsepower, then. If you now have to have it with teaspoons.

You may recall an icy winter where you shivering and blue from cold hung down into the engine compartment to measure staple opening with a feeler gauge. Time and time again without any thing helped until finally someone came and wondered if there was condensation. And yes, that was it. Gasoline pump was frozen completely to the bottom. Yes, and it was the body and, and "willie" almost got negative length. No, it is not necessary to have been in the war to talk about the experience. It is good enough if you had an old car in the 70s. Then you could a really "freeze kittens on you." But it had its good sides too. Or rather good times. In summer, with the trunk full of beer and an orange and blue cotton tent that drew water and should have been equipped with ladle. It says something about this somewhere else. You'll see ... "Putt a tiger in the tank, so goes it as hank" (Putt en tiger på tanken, så går det som fanken).

Apropos the comparison with a "float." Before one could certainly be drunk as one- or possibly drunk as a "razorbill" or "ape". "Dritings from Norway", we said gladly.
"The time grandpa and I wore shorts" was also a concept of time then. Cool young people did not wear shorts in the 70s, and "in the harp gang" grandpa was hardly allowed to meet up in shorts either.

Nineteen sixty five, or "the year it was so steep" (det året det var så bratt) launched Øystein Sunde the word string: "Worse worse before ass than the time people had hair in the time" (Verre å værra før i rævva enn den gang folk hadde hår i tida). Yes, yes it was a few years later the album came out. It was well in the early 70s, or something.
Then you could buy a "light" at the restaurant. And the store. Now you must go to a liquor store to buy a bottle of export beer, and "six kroner red wine" costs no longer 30 kroner, or really a bit below, as it did when we bought "six kroner red wine."

Dry behind the ears

And the term "dry behind the ears" have certainly expired. Or is it because we can not find anyone who's that anymore? Now perhaps rather the problem that even adults are not "dry behind the ears" anymore.
If you mentioned some as "stupid like a bucket dung" for then to correct it with "not to offend bucket or content." So we do not speak about each other anymore. And we do not correct either. No, the language has lost much.

"Whoever saves he hares," I thought once, but with proverbs there is plenty rather that what is saved are lost. Now, we are then not "broke" at least.

"One must be a rogue in order to initiate a project like this," someone would say if these pages were written in the 60th century. One hears perhaps still that someone is referred to as a "rogue" or being "mischievous" but a "goat buck," "rascal found" or "rascal" is a long time since I've heard about. And there are probably many years ago you gave someone a "wedge angle so he rolled down the sidewalk," or a "pressure sixteen." Uppercut referred eventually only in formal boxing matches, and not in terms of "primitive debate forms".
Now it is forbidden to pick hepatica, so it you can not give away, but have you given someone a bluebell then. No, flora'll just stand and eventually fade away.

And, tell me, have you valued something or someone to less than "five sour herrings" recently? Or been out without "a red cent" on you? No, free and "bevarremegvel" for that. Then it is better to have "the ass full of money," if you ask me. Then you may be a little "lost in the nikkers" even compared with today's value of the krone. And no one can accuse you of having smoked your socks either.

"Hallelujah, I found a crown
Hallelujah, I took 'n up
Hallelujah, I bought liquor
Hallelujah, I drank it up"
, we sang in earlier days. It is somehow not the same with "Hallelujah, I found a five hundred note ... or two hundred note for that matter."

Now you read surely this text with "a keen eye", ie perceptive and with a critical eye. Maybe are you getting "fnatt" of inaccuracies and omissions that you would have included. The term "getting fnatt of" you know enough what exactly does, but you may not know that it has been used as a term for the skin disease scabies, which is known as very itchy and annoying.
There is no reason to be in a bad mood, or "hang with pout," if you think the text has shortcomings. In each case there is no reason to "go berserk." What has come with and what does not come with is well really "hip as happenning." Then you can just create a website yourself.

If you have nothing to take yourself to

Anyway, when you have read this far, I understand that this has contributed to a change in behavior.
When even human "stallions" and "grouses" sitting and reading this product of authorship, then, one must wonder if they have no sensible to take care of.
"Authorship and authorship Mrs. Blom." - This term originated in 1950 when Alex Brinchmann wrote the play Carousel, where the doctor gives pills to Mrs. Helene Blom in the second act. It was not an original remark, but one of the samples added Per Aabel those words that would become immortal: "Pills and pills, Mrs. Blom!"
It did not, but you might remember Per Aabel? If you know of Norwegian cultural life then. - Now, there are at least hundreds of thousands of words about on this website, and they are put together into a kind of meaning or meaninglessness that has kept you busy all the way here. Good luck, and good recovery on!

Maybe anyone think that it is "extravagant" to write a historical website inspired by six copies of humanity. It's better than making a sex website based on a single copy. (Oh, another bad joke).
But remember that after time, if it is not already doing it, going to "poke fun" at the coarsest with time to all those people who have used these decades mentioned here to grow up. Our heydays!

"Dåsemikler"! We set ourselves not to "to pimp" of this reason. Have you grown up with "air soup and wait buns" then you have plenty of other reasons to sit and do that. Yes, pimp you see.

If we were not "Obsternasige" in the old days, we'll take it again with allowance as "cranky old men", and use enough energy to get others to "go on the glue stick", or help the neighbor with an occasional "disservice".
"It Gossa me raw!", We said when we had tricked somehow like kids. Now it is almost time for «gosse themselves" or "rejoice" with new sneakier points to the surroundings.

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