Survival Against All Odds

We have - contrary to what research, bureaucratic legislators and other experts could have predicted - survived "our times" ignorance, thoughtlessness and folly. This has not hurt us more than we freely can use any of our infirmities and mental injuries to afflict future generations.

kid music band was for boys

In our environment, it was never executed painter work without the paint was lead-based or at least based on components people today would die of. Lockable medicine cabinet was not particularly common and child safe medicine glasses were not invented.
On road trips we were stashed into the front seat, rear seat and cargo room in a van or a truck. Sitting on the back a truck on a hot summer day appeared to be an "exotic pleasure." Equal to stand on the truck when it was "paper collection" (something we did to raise money to the school band) for "kid music band". Yes, "kid music band" was for boys. The girls could graciously sing in choirs.
To browse the "specious literature" was also a bonus for the boys on the lorry plane.
Seat belts did not exist. Neither "airbag". If anybody was talking about airbag then it would probably be in the sense of "inflated stomach".

We were cycling. Where whereever we were going, the pedals were the only means of transport. This means to walk or, as mentioned, preferably cycling. Without a helmet, of course, and two or three on the bike was not unusual. We were cycling to each other and rang the bell. We got the phone eventually, but calling costed money, so we did not use the phone "unnecessarily".

Bottled water, we had not heard of. We drank from the tap, from an outdoor tap or garden hose or water fountain in the school yard. On tour we drank straight from the stream.
If someone had a soda bottle we shared, and it was obvious that we drank from the same bottle. And we only had soft drinks with sugar. Lots of sugar.
We fell out of trees or off the slopes, we got cut and scrubbs , broke an arm or a leg and knocked out a tooth or three. No, we were not always lucky, but the accident was something we gained experience from. We fought and got or gave some blue or yellow markings. But it was just getting over it.

We made ??up games. It was much more fun than going and chain shit out of oneself. Some of these games can be relatively certain defined as mischiefs, but there was hardly any particularly evil with them. Thoughtlessness, yes absolutely. But not evil. Or ...

So we built things. Whether it was cabin in the woods, "stock car" or something else. We set off the most slopes in "stock cars" without brakes or fear, and with no thought that this could be dangerous. The brake problematics we spotted a solution for. It was worse with the sanity of danger.
We were sent out early morning and later after school, to get home a little after street lights were lit. We even had to pay attention to what time it was by ourself, whether we had a clock or not.

We had no cell phones, "playstations," X-box, hundreds of TV channels, home PC, video films or "surround sound".

We experienced freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned to deal with all this. This - in greater or lesser degree - made ??us problem solvers and practitioners, who make our stuff based on practical experience. What we have not known in the body, we don't know.

My friends, we have now come through the trial period and can enjoy permanent employment in own body for life. Good Luck!

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