We Vere More Poor Than Today

Oh yes, we had food on the table, and usually more than that. We even had dessert. Now, the dishes were smaller and we did not have steak on Thursdays. Not on any other days either for that matter. Steak was something we found out about when we got up in adolescence. For example, "the best steaks in town at Gamla" (Gamle Christiania / Old Christiania) with entrance from Torggt vis a vis Glassmagasinet. Preferably with a pint or three with eksport beer besides. Three pints of export made one feel optimally drunk after eating.

When we would enjoy ourselves, and so we did on Saturday, when we had grilled cheese sandwich. Cheese sandwiches were syllabus at school kitchen too, so gradually the fried slice of bread got a "new and improved tasting experience." Salt sausage instead of ham or LAB and a thin layer of mustard under the cheese. Yes, that was yummy mummy.
Other days it was standard procedure. A quick sandwich an hour before going to sleep.

We had pork. Pork and gravy, we had. And fish bowls, cod roe and meat cakes or smoked sausages. And to some extent "spaghetti a la Capri" lung mash and blood pudding. Advances came with Findus or Frionor frozen fish. Not to say when fish sticks made ??its appearance.

And we ate until we were full - just right saturate compared to our activity level. We were not fat either. We were, as mentioned, not allowed to stay indoors. Not like today in any case. We had to go out. Out in the woods up in the trees.

Dessert was no stranger fare. A pint of ice wrapped in waxed cardboard cartons were carefully shared up to four or five people. All should have just as much. Or rather equally small. Or we had jelly with custard. In the fall we could have blueberry soll. If we picked blueberries ourself then. And if we did not eat the berries on the way home. But if we returned home with a small bucket with blueberries it was both praise and dessert for all. Some deciliter berries could please many people, in small quantities with milk and sugar. Sometime in the 70s came the combined cooling and freezer compartment onto the scene. The ice in waxed cardboard was no longer taken out of the small box in the upper corner of the refrigerator, but got room in the large freezer compartment in the lower section. Then we didn't need go down to the freezer in the basement so often either.
On the toast we had jam, cheese type of white or brown, and "Sjokade", "Nugatti" (Chocolate Spread) or "Nøttepålegg" (Nuts Topping).
Milk bottles transformed from clear glass, brown glass via the "cardboard milk." The school breakfast we got cardboard milk in triangular shape which we drank with straws.

The soda was a less frequently pleasure. A large soda bottle contained three and a half deciliter. As a rule, we received a small bottle that contained a little under two. Regardless. Such luxury was important to enjoy carefully. By using a hammer and nail and knock holes in the cap lasted the soda all evening. Coke circulated so long in the mouth that a skilled wine taster would emerge as a drunkard in relation to our long drawn enjoyment. And the refreshing drink poured over the tooth enamel so intense that it was a delight for Kariesa. Or Karius and Baktus, if you want to say, as able to hire an entire working team to chop holes in the dental pearl row. "Things goes better with Coca Cola» Petula Clarke sang, and this record we obviously had to buy when we got the week money. Sure we bought advertising then as well. "Things goes better with Coke." And no, the advertisement did not contain what it promised at the time either.
Except perhaps for the dentist.

Then I could have written a little about soft drinks with various flavors, meaning that, for example, could not call the soda the lemon soda anymore, or about "Pepsi", "Toy", "Sor-Bits", "Neger Buns" and "Fruit Yogurt", but I will not. I should perhaps have mentioned "Prosit - real licorice pastilles," but that will be another edition. Also note that I did not mention "Whirlwind", "Joika Cakes" or "Seikaker" in canning. Now. Perhaps I should mention something about that another place? There you will see if you keep onreading.

As adolescence went on we got money enough to buy us some old cars. They were often plastered on, repaired, parked with empty tank, run the tour with ... depending on whether we had money or not.
"If I had then I had got," was it one who said, but it was in a different context. Maybe I'll mention it somewhere else, but we'll see.
To be "lying under" was then synonymous with lying under the car and replace clutch transaxle cross or any other of peculiarities. The most common was lying under an Amazon, but I suppose to lying under a "Kapitän" came in a good second place.

We also got afford to purchase the alcohol gradually. We saved money buying Grans cheap beer and went on tour with the trunk full of beer cases and tent in cotton fabric. The load was heavy, but we "could drive a long way on the rear wheels." And we got drunk. Fine wines from abroad was an exotic commodity but we knew of both "six kroner" red wine and "Egri Bikavér" or "ox blood" as we called it. That was the time it was produced wine in Norway. Yes, both of rhubarb and other fruits. It was "Fuhr Fino" and its relatives with the last name "Charm". We felt gradually that strong products were what strong boys should have. Never the cheapest but consistently the second cheapest. One drove naturally stylishly!

It was a new era when we went on to the purchase of stainless steel tubes and the associated steel pot. At that time if we spent the time we actually got three-and-ninety percent alcohol, but who has time for such dilatoriness in a healthy adolescence, aiming to explore life? It was a high tempo on the burning and gathering under a cloud of flies. Yeast tasted it, but the substance burned by the addition of an open flame, which we thought impressed the other sex.
It can not be denied that it whizzed in the water the pipes every time the séances kept on, and purchasing essences to "the good stuff" was also tried for a while, without making the production to any great success. Also at that time it was simple the best. - Or something...

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