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About the Grorud Valey

Groruddalen, was formed by a mudslide for around 8,000 years ago.
It was a journalist and newly established editor, emigrated from Egersund, Hjalmar Kielland who really started this name in use. In 1958 he took over the local newspaper, "Akers Well" and called it "Akers Avis". In 1960 he added "Groruddalens Budstikke". After that, the paper was renamed "Akers Avis / Groruddalens Budstikke." Later the name was tightened and called today: Akers Avis / Groruddalen. The name change in 1960 was thus impacts on the name of the area that today comprises the districts of Alna, Bjerke, Grorud and Stovner.

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These web pages are based on a text to my friends - who have washed away one or two defective brain cells together - and it has probably content of the text here taken seriously damage from - presumably.
This text is subjective. I have tried to pull in episodes that are recognizable in addition to link the text up to historical events which may have meant something, or maybe not? Anyway, you surely miss some, but so be it. You can make some notes for yourself if you want.
This text is intended to be a tribute to the six (young people, now in a dented bodywork) of my friends - including me - who still meet annually, to all who in younger years frequented...

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