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The index page - or initial page if you say so - are ment to tease the reader to move around on the rest of the pages here. Jaddajadda - if you will waste your time with that. As you do you may see this as my contribution to world pease. Yes! You have not done anything bad to anyone while reading this? True! So, if all people in the world read these pages at the same time? Yes, that is correct. Then this web server would break down.

Within these pages I refer to "the book". No, not the bible, but some pages I have written to my friends - we are now eventually more aged than we used to be - as an input to a plan to think about what to do as we will be retired from real work (or what you will call what you are doing for money) in a not to far future. Because "the book" is written - or at least a collection of words - so there my plan already has fallen out. Frankly, I don't know if being the master of these web pages will be enough to fill my days. If not I will make a "plan B", or buy a better telly.

Most of the text is translated from Norwegian book (norsk bokmål) aims to Googlish. Thus, a mixture of translation from "Google translate" with treatment to a kind of English. To treat the result of the translation done on "Google Translate" will hopefully give you a better meaninglessness at a higher level. The content is composed with thoughts of "Statistics Norway 1978" which is explained on another page.

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