Historic Views of The Year 1960

In 1960 there were still strict rules of conduct and how to behave. One should know ones place in society hierarchy. The book "Custom" (Skikk og Bruk) from this year spent two pages to show how to sit properly on a chair. And a slide in four sections showed how to eat the new Mediterranean spaghetti dish.

These are some major (and minor) events in 1960:

  • NRK TV was officially opened, sending TV programs "whole" eight hours a week. LO (Norwegian Labour Organization) demanded a TV-free day, but it did not become so.
  • Auto sales were released after it had been rationed to be allowed to buy their own car for private use since 1939.
  • Norway participated for the first time in Eurovision Songcontest. Nora Brockstedt, dressed in the saami inspired costume, sang "Voi Voi" to the fourth place. ("Far up in the mountains ..")
  • John F. Kennedy won the presidential election in the United States. John F - that was the man of the time.
  • Plan for Grorud center was drafted by the architect Harald Klem. (See 1963)

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