Historic Views of The Year 1976

Rusken campaign, volunteer projects involving volunteer citizens, cooperatives, condominiums, gardeners, kindergartens, schools, organizations and businesses contribute to garbage collection and other environmental initiatives were established to keep the city clean and free of trash, tagging and graffiti.

These are the happenings in 1976:

  • Super tanker Berge Istra was reported missing in the Pacific Ocean with 32 people aboard. The ship sank after unexplained explosions. Two people were found alive after 20 days.
  • Mao Tse-tung died - his widow and three others were arrested for plotting coups. They became known as the Gang of Four.
  • The British Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher was labeled as the "iron lady" of a Soviet newspaper and that name was hanging by her to her death.
  • The world's population passed 4 billion.
  • Concorde airplane was put into operation.
  • The girls had such tight pants that they had to lie to get them on - in addition they used platform shoes. Physiotherapists was despair over the fashion.
  • Mr. N and Mr R performed "The Great Classical West-Land tour".

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