Historic Views of The Year 1977

Bredtvet church, on the heights between Bredtvet high school and Bredtveit woman prison, was erected in 1977. Hans Nielsen Hauge, who founded the Christian movement "Haugeans", lived on the farm Bredtvet where the church was built.

These are some happenings in 1977:

  • Uncontrolled emissions - blowout - on the Ekofisk field. "Well killer" Red Adair stopped the spill on the Bravo platform after a week.
  • The leaders of the terrorist group Bader-Meinhof was sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Elvis Presley died, 42 years old. Thousands of weeping fans gathered outside Graceland in Memphis.
  • Gunnvor Galtung Haavik was arrested and charged with espionage.
  • Jon Michelet released the book "Orion's belt."
  • At the movies came "Rocky" and "Star Wars."

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