Historic Views of The Year 1978

The then 22 year old Securitas Guard "Benny Safe" was at work in Christiania Bank og Bank's branch in Rosenkrantz gate a Sunday in March 1978. The safety systems were temporarily disabled due to reconstruction. He was alone, and discovered that it was easy to break up the bank boxes in the vault. He emptied around 150 boxes and was eventually convicted of theft of NOK 1.25 million. During 'working day', he borrowed a passport, traveled to Copenhagen by train and reported to the monitoring center pr. telephone that everything was in order. He traveled to Switzerland by plane where he got established bank account and converted the money from theft. He went on to Brazil and invested, unsuccessfully, money in various businesses. He eventually had to return to Norway. Penniless, and by his own account, to take his punishment.

Here are some issues from 1978:

  • The world's first test tube baby was born.
  • Newly elected Pope John Paul 1 died after 34 days in office - Pole Karol Wojtyla was elected as pope John Paul 2.
  • Tandberg Radio Factory went bankrupt - until then the biggest bankruptcy in Norway.
  • All use of skateboards were prohibited.
  • Voting age was lowered to 18 years.
  • It was "polstreik" nine weeks. (Strike in the liquor shops)
  • Ash decoction was this year's "health hit".
  • Jahn Teigen came in last place in the Eurovision song contest.
  • And housewives around Mjøsa took action against phosphate detergents that polluted the lake.
  • The Great Classical Tour to Western Norway.

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