Historic Views of The Year 1983

In Holmestrand Tunnel outside Holmestrand (naturally) in Vestfold is 1862 meters long, 9 meters wide and 4.75 meters high (up to lights and fans in the tunnel roof).
Construction of the tunnel began Holmestrand in 1980 and the tunnel was opened on 14 May 1983 to lead the traffic on the E18 outside of Holmestrand center. (In 2001 the new E18 placed in separate lanes further west in the county).

These are some incidents in 1983:

  • Norway conducted its first heart transplant and Norway's first test tube baby was born.
  • First victim of the disease AIDS died at Ullevål hospital.
  • "Nesset case" ends - Arnfinn Nesset sentenced to 21 years in prison and 10 years "aftercare" judgment for killing 22 patients.
  • Ronald Reagan launches the Star Wars program as defense against nuclear weapons.
  • The magazine "Stern" publishes Hitler diaries - which turned out to be fake.
  • Kåre Willoch formed government with KRF and the Center.
  • Grethe Waitz won Norway's first gold medal in the World Championships in Athletics.
  • "ET fever" raged in Norwegian cinemas.
  • Carnival in Oslo - tens of thousands participated.
  • The first CDs went on sale - the word "compact disk" never became a success.
  • To år etter at Jan Carlzon kom inn som direktør i SAS ble selskapet ble utnevnt til årets flyselskap i 1983 av tidsskriftet Air Transport World.

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