Historic Views of The Year 1985

GRORUD FISK & VILT AS Bergensv 2, 0963 Oslo, was founded as a limited company on 11 November.
First yearbook from "Groruddalen Historielag" was released.
A new "Norwegian Hymn Book" was also released .

These are some events in 1985:

  • Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviet Union after Tsjerneko died. Already in his acceptance speech he launched the terms "glasnost and perestroika."
  • Hunger Disaster in Africa. Bob Geldof was the driving force for Live Aid concerts.
  • Parliamentarian Wenche Lowzow resigned from the Conservative Party because the party did little for gays.
  • The World Health Organization declared AIDS as an epidemic.
  • French intelligence sunk Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior.
  • The wreck of the Titanic was found.
  • Banks introduced fees on checks and giro.
  • Ingrid Kristiansen set a new world at the London Marathon and 10,000 meters at Bislett. Jon Rønningen became world champion in wrestling.
  • Lillehammer decided to apply for the Winter Olympics in 1994.
  • The first private medical center opened in western Oslo.

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