Historic Views of The Year 1987

One of Norway's most popular radio show, "Easter Labyrinth" (Påskelabyrinten) which is a geographical treasure hunt was sent for the first time in 1987. It goes on radio station NRK P1 at Easter, naturally, and Viggo Valle has been a presenter since its inception. Themes of the program is "L-Dopa" with Maynard Ferguson.

These are some of the events in 1987:

  • Government chose Gardermoen to become Oslo's main airport (see introduction).
  • Norway created International Ship Register (NIS) to get ship owners to register ships in Norway again.
  • Mongstad project cracked financially. Concept of an Mong is 4 billion NOK. Statoil CEO Arve Johnsen had to resign as a result.
  • For the first time there were two candidates to choose between at the Soviet local elections.
  • The 18-year-old German Michael Rust landed on the Red Square with a light aircraft.
  • Gorbachev and Reagan agreed on a condition for nuclear disarmament in Europe: "All medium-range missiles shall be destroyed".
  • People movement against immigration was founded.
  • Crack on the New York Stock Exchange and the Oslo Stock Exchange, closed "Yuppie era."

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