Historic Views of The Year 1991

Construction Products chain "Bygger'n" was established with the motto: "You can trust the professionals". "Bygger'n" sells building materials: lumber, doors and windows, kitchen, bathroom, closet, tools, ceiling, floor, garden equipment.

And the noteworthies in 1991:

  • King of Norway since 1958, King Olav V, died.
  • Gulf War.
  • Boris Yeltsin (president of Russia), demanded that Gorbachev (president of the whole Soviet Union) should resign.
  • Warsaw Pact ceased to be a military organization.
  • United States, France and Britain military forces moved into northern Iraq.
  • Bundestag in Germany decided that Berlin should again become the capital of Germany.
  • South Africa was again allowed to attend in the Olympics.
  • Attempted coup in Russia.
  • Leningrad was renamed St. Petersburg, as the city was named before the revolution.
  • Boutros Boutros Ghali became Secretary General of the UN.
  • Soviet Union was formally dissolved by "the Supreme Soviet".
  • A number of new countries "occurred." During the year declares countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia and Slovenia themselves as independent.
  • The American trumpet player Miles Davis died.

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