Historic Views of The Year 1992

"Bjørnsonfestivalen" international literary festival, has been held in Molde and Nesset in August every year since 1992. It was established by the author Knut Ødegård in connection with Molde City's 250 anniversary and named after Nobel Prize winner Bjørnson, who grew up in Nesset vicarage and went to school in Molde.
The festival focuses, in Bjornson spirit of peace, human rights and freedom of expression.

These are some issues in 1992:

  • "Sinnataggen" was stolen from the Frogner Park. He were recovered 10 days later.
  • There was fightings in Bosnia and Serbia, and the Republic of Montenegro was formed.
  • Riots in Los Angeles, when the court acquitted four white policemen for having abused colored Rodney King.
  • The Norwegian whaling was resumed.
  • Spy Judged Arne Treholt became pardoned after 7 years in prison.
  • Jan Erik gangplank had to resign as CEO of UNI, after the failed "Skandia raid".
  • There were several church fires. Among other set "Count" (Greven) Varg Vikernes fire to Fantoft stave church and Holmenkollen Chapel in Oslo which burned to the ground.
  • TV2 started broadcasting.
  • Parliament adopted the new main airport to be established at Gardermoen.
  • Bill Clinton was elected president in the USA.
  • Gro (Harlem Bruntland of course) resigned, and Torbjorn Jagland became the new leader of the Labour Party.
  • Parliament resolved to apply for EU membership.
  • Government Bank Insurance Fund went in with almost 5 billion in banks: The Norwegian Bank (DNB), Fokus Bank and Kreditkassen, and the stock value was simultaneously written to 0.
  • Actor and cabaret artist Elisabeth Grannemann died.
  • Legendary Marlene Dietrich, German-American actress and singer, died.

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