Historic Views of The Year 1999

Norwegian Longbow team (NL) is an association for all those interested in traditional bows (longbows), both archers and bow builders. The purpose is to hold courses in traditional bow making, setting standards for quality and authenticity, and to promote regular exercise and competitions (Norwegian Championships).

These are some happenings in 1999:

  • The Euro was introduced in 11 EU countries.
  • Merger Agreement between Telenor and Telia Sweden, was published.
  • PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan was arrested in Kenya.
  • Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary became members of NATO.
  • NATO began attacks on Yugoslavia.
  • Libyan agents who it was assumed stood behind the plane blast over Lockerbie in 1988 was extradited to the Netherlands.
  • Statoil board was deposited by giant overruns on the Åsgard field.
  • Jeltsin deposed the Russian government. (See also 1998).
  • Orderud killings.
  • Criminal Tribunal in The Hague took indictments against Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and four employees.
  • Boris Yeltsin removes government again. (See above). New Prime Minister this time is Vladimir Putin.
  • Islamic rebels proclaimed Dagestan as an independent state. This was not accepted by Russia.
  • Vargas tragedy was a disaster that hit Vargas State in Venezuela on December 15, when torrential rains and floods and debris flows that followed killed tens of thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes.
  • Berlin became the official German capital.
  • Total solar eclipse.
  • Parliamentary elections. Labor (AP) is the big loser. SV and Conservative (H) was proclaimed election winners.
  • Bill Clinton visited Norway.
  • Norway beat France and won the handball world championships for women.
  • Ola Bauer, author known for among other Horsehead Nebula, Guitarist and vocalist Marius Muller, Actor Per Aabel, King Hussein of Jordan and the American film director Stanley Kubrick died.

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