Ahead of schedule

Some say that I repeat myself often, but when one has torn off enough sheets on the calendar so one has permission. - So, to recur frequently.
I've said it before and I repeat so feel: This is one of my upcoming projects. Yes, I would not really started it before a couple of years or five, but this winter I could not help myself to take the opportunity to pester my friends. And why settle for harassing them? Should we keep an acidic stomach in shape then it is only to give gas - in all respects. Now is the text published. Hoe links, images, upgrades and word formations will appear eventually. If I keep alive then, and that I tend to do. Well, then come hoe lyrics, links and such.

I've written - and I repeat, you have some experiences to share with the world from this web site so send in way. I reserve the right to translate the page language - "googlish" - so even if you write in English I will do my best to make your text unrecognizable. - Also if you write in another language. "Googlish" is that you - with or without your intelligence - have understood a mixture of translation from Google translate and a kind of English. To treat the result of the translation done on Google Translate will hopefully give you a better meaninglessness at a higher level. Send your story and add the pictures, but enter photographer and who has the rights. (See at bottom of page).


That said, you need to for my part would like to take the text in your own work if this is non-commercial. Then press "ctrl + a" then "ctrl + c". So open Google Translate by pressing the text Google Translate or by pressing HERE.

Now click in the left pane of the screen with the mouse button and press "ctrl + v". Over routes are buttons that specify language. Over the left pane. The pasting text into conjure you in English, and then press the language you want to translate to over the right pane.

Voila! Now you have text in "Goglsk," "Goglska," "Goglsch," "Goglan" or any "google language" you want.

However, if you want to use this commercially; Yes, then you take contact. Be prepared to smash the piggy bank.

Yes! This is a BIG DAY.

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