I have not retired yet

You knew hardly that the "Retirement" is a place in Kingston, Jamaica. Here you will find both "Retirement Road" and "Retirement Crescent," and if you mentally should be heading back to your childhood you can probably get a sandwich at "Mothers Enterprises" too.

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"Retirement Road" is next to Kencot and located in Saint Andrew, (still Jamaica) and has a length of 1.74 kilometers. It has sidewalks on both sides, four lanes, but no bike path. I've Googled!


Further information about "Retirement Crescent" I leave to you to find out. Please send info and photo. However, "Marcus Garvey" and Garvey's Ghost; the third and fourth album by the reggae singer Burning Spear, released in 1975 and 1976 are as far as I understand mixed Joe Gibbs Studio in "Retirement Crescent".

Now is the meaning of this text to say that I simply do not have retired me yet and that you therefore cannot expect too many updates of these pages - yet. But if I live - something I have a habit of doing - then it will probably get an occasional meaningless text in it that probably no one will find very much interest. In addition, I would, without committing myself, in any spare moment add a link or two, but until I finduntil I find that it is time for retirement pages are to be regarded as a sort of test drive - roughly.

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