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1950s cartoons where war and western series was the most dominant in the final stages. Admittedly we still had both "War Series" and cowboy booklets "Texas," "Buffallo Bill," "Davy Crockett" and "Hjortedreper» in store shelves and the leaflets "Wild West," "Preriebladet" and "Jukan" song on the final verse. Beyond the 60s it was the superhero series that took over as the most exciting comic literature. "Superman," "Phantom," "Batman," "Spider-Man" "Mandrake" and "the Hulk" made their entry. "Tarzan - the Ape Man" and "Korak - son of Tarzan" dominated in the jungle while "The Saint" in cartoon form was not more than a small blip without achieving any status such as the TV series with Roger Moore.

Of major literary works we deepened ourselves in the "Hardy Boys"


At the end of the decade came "Tempo", "Silver Arrow" and "Mad", while more "advanced" stripes such as "Spy vs. Spy" began to come into some journals.

Of great literary works we deepened ourselves in the "Hardy Boys", "5 Series", "The Parrot series" and selection of featured by "GGG". No, not "Grumpy Old Men", but "Gyldendals Good Boy Books".

And no, I have not forgotten neither "Donald Duck" or "Daffy" but everyone knows something about these. Same with Christmas booklets, such as "91 Stomperud" and "The Katzenjammer Kids". I have not forgotten about them either.

..usually he disarmed the baddies...

A little bit about some of the booklets mentioned above.
You understand of course that there is not enough with a listing of titles. Facts and background materials are required to "show off".

Vill Vest

In the "VILL VEST leaflet" action naturally took place in "The Wild West" in the latter half of the 1800s. The main character, Captain Miki, was a very young captain in the Nevada Rangers (approximately 16 years old).
Besides Miki his we met his former foster father Windy and his friend Doctor Salasso. "Windy" named in Italian Doppio Rhum, meaning "double rhum". Salasso in Italian means "bloodletting".
(This figure is possibly inspired by "The drunken Doc" (Doc Boone), played by Thomas Mitchell in the movie Last Stagecoach Lordsbury from 1939).
The latter two were nowhere near as magnificent as young Captain Miki and they could put to life incredible amounts of rhum and other alcoholic liquid. Captain Miki drank nothing but juice, milk and lemonade.

All three were very good both to shoot and fight. Miki had always two revolvers and made "multitasking" by shooting with both guns simultaneously.
Among "protagonists" one must not forget Mikis horse "Napoleon" which had several human characteristics. Only thing "the nag" not mastered was probably the ability to speak.

The main base of captain Mikis division of "Nevada Rangers" was "Fort Coulver".
Captain Mikis superior officer was Colonel Brown who had a daughter, Susan. She was Mikis boyfriend.

The stories centered mainly around that Captain Miki and friends fought baddies and hostile Indians. There were only occasionally that he killed or hurt anyone. The ordinary was that he disarmed them by shooting the revolver so that it slipped out of the hands of baddies and they surrendered. There were a lot of humor in the stories, especially about the drinking of Windy and Salasso and the flirt between Captain Miki and Susan.

With few exceptions ... this was the first time French and Belgian comics were translated into Norwegian


Comic magazine TEMPO was released from 1966 to 1979. The magazine presented primarily French and Belgian comics, and with a few exceptions, such as the series of "Tintin", this was the first time French and Belgian comics were translated into Norwegian.

The series in the magazine was, "Asterix", "Oumpah-pah", "Bruno Brazil," "Lucky Luke", "Allan Falk, '' Mark Breton" and many more.
Here you can score extra points by telling that the very first "Tempo magazine" was handed out for free and that there was always some of the magazine's stories that continued in the next issue. On the racetrack competed "Mark Breton" and his good friend "Steve Warson" against various "crook competitors." Including the mysterious "Mr X". They drove the automotive brand "Valliante" whitch "the Breton family" owned.

..among the oldest and most famous superheroes...


"Superman" is among the oldest and most famous superhero characters in modern Western popular culture. It has, in addition to a plethora of comic stories, been made radio programs, television shows and movies with Superman in the lead role.
In the first Norwegian Superman comics, from 1952 to 1954, he was called Man of Steel (Stålmannen).

In the stories Superman lives a double life in the city Metropolis in the US. He appears alternately disguised as the bumbling reporter Clark Kent and Superman as the hero in the fight against crime, evil super baddies and enemies of the American lifestyle. Superman has superpowers and other super abilities. He can fly and he has X-ray vision. With his amazing ability and strength, his extraterrestrial origin and pro-American attitudes, he is culturally related with Greek hero figures, Jewish and Christian savior figures and notions "of man" as well as with "science fiction heroes." The stories are inspired by modern science and technology.

There were the parents robbed and killed in front of the boy's eyes.


"Batman" or "Lynvingen" is a masked and athletic detective with peculiar capabilities. In real life he is Bruce Wayne, son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The background story is that he was born into a life of wealth in the manor house "Wayne Manor." Butler Alfred lived with his family from before Bruce was born. Once in childhood when Bruce was playing, he fell into a hole that led to a bat cave.
After a visit to the cinema with his parents, the parents took a shortcut through a slum area. There were the parents robbed and killed in front of the boy's eyes.

"Batman" has been called the world's best detective, and the world's best escape champion. In addition, he masters the art of disguise and the ventriloquist trick. He is also a fantastic tactician and is always prepared. He has photographic memory, masters many foreign languages and he masters all the 127 martial arts that exist in the world. These he has combined his own martial arts.
Although "Batman" does not use firearms, he is still familiar with them and use them on his vehicles. He never kill people with guns because, as backstory tells, his parents were killed by one. He has no superpowers, but fights crime using skills in martial arts and detective work in combination with a variety of technological innovations, such as "Batmobile", airplane, helicopter, boat and a belt consisting of varying and countless aids. His abode is the bat cave.
"Batman" has many enemies. Those have various forms of psychosis, and instead of ending up in ordinary prisons, most of them end up on the asylum "Arkham". Arkham is a special prison for very psychotic criminals. Anyway, many of the prisoners manage to escape. Those who are frequent regulars in the prison and which is considered to be severely psychotic, is particularly Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Clayface and The Mad Hatter.

Also there was the "academic literature"

Also there was the "academic literature", then. The softcore from the top row of the magazine rack, also called "Narvesenpornoen." In addition to the magazine story writers put people around the entire country and wrote letters by hand where they described their "lyings" in terms that made any average imagination to wane. Or we can call it the then Internet? (www.writtenbyhandandsentbysnailmail.cum).

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