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A Rainy Day, 2015

2015 - launching of this website. The purpose of this site is to make a meaningful or meaningless collection of events from the last four decades of previous century.The main intent is to provide an "interactive" service to my frends who gently have been forced to read the book "Survival in the Elderness - Handbook for Grumpy Old Men". However, a lot of people has been raised thru these four decades. Hopefully some of you outside "my pack" also find this amusing (and useful). The author's "shortsighted eyes" grew up in Groruddalen (the Grorud Valley) north of Oslo, Norway.


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Where one stops being a man in his darkest medieval age and the transition to being a grumpy old man begins I should not have said anything substantial about. However, a sign may be that one begins to lie about...

Background information

The initial plan making these pages was letting "Google Translate" do the translate unsencored, however, that would have made these pages (even more) full of non sense (than they are). Imagine that, you. OK, even if you don't believe it, the Googling translates are to som degree tried to improve...

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